Stuck in the '80s Podcast

Over the last 14 years, Stuck in the '80s has produced over 500 episodes, ​including interviews with leading artists of the decade and members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Stuck in the '80s has 25,500 Twitter followers (including many influential artists and celebrities) and 19,000 Facebook fans. The podcast is now sponsored by national brands such as HelloFresh and BarkBox. Stuck in the '80s is the official trivia host for The 80s Cruise and 80s in the Sand.


Here are some of the most popular episodes of the podcast:

Epic 500th Podcast: Interview with Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter and Mark Goodman

Prince Memorial Show
How do you take the life of an artist like Prince and condense it into a podcast?

The Challenger Disaster: A Moment in Time
Here's an example of a shorter podcast to mark special dates in history, in this case the 1986 explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. 

MTV Turns 35: A Moment in Time
In 1981, music changed forever. On the 35th anniversary of MTV, we mark the date by remembering and honoring the revolution it started.

Live Aid: A Movement Turns 25  
How do you explain a worldwide phenomenon like Live Aid a quarter century later? 

Steve Perry Interview 
The former Journey frontman rarely did interviews at this time, but we talked for nearly an hour about the band's history, his departure and his struggle to return to the spotlight.

MTV's Martha Quinn Talks The End of the '80s
Martha Quinn joins the podcast as we remember how the '80s ended for each of us. 

Dennis DeYoung Interview
The former Styx frontman and founder is going his own ways these days, but we talked for an hour about the band's history, why things had to end, and what still excites him about music.

Simple Mind's Jim Kerr
Simple Minds created an anthem in the '80s with Don't You Forget About Me from the Breakfast Club soundtrack. But the band had so many messages for the world. Jim Kerr talks about mixing politics and music and what the future holds for his legendary band.